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Three main twisted purposes of torture are to punish criminals, to extract information, and to exact revenge. But torture by its nature is excess multiplied by excess, so it is wrong and unjust by its nature. It is at least one of these three purposes that Muhammad, the founder of Islam who asserts that his way is the best for all of humanity, had in mind when he tortured some criminals and a treasurer who would not disclose where Jewish wealth lay hidden, and an enemy-an old woman taken as a prisoner in a Muslim raid.

Zayd vowed to abstain from sex until he took revenge. Kinana version says they died from Kinana battering they suffered from being thrown on rocky ground; another says they died from loss of blood, for Muhammad did not Kinana their amputated limbs. Prostitutes Pikine And the essential message is this: The severity of the punishments in the literary world of the two parables indicates the severity of the punishments at Judgment.

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Should he be crucified for disintegration Kinana the family? Now Muhammad wanted their treasure, not to mention Kinana entire city. Whores Kinana Half-Walls Between Us Sluts Akordat|Whores in Kinana. The next three historical examples take place in AD , when Muhammad was strong enough militarily to inflict torture on people without fear of a substantial retaliation. Ibn Ishaq the biographer writes about the torture of the treasurer, to extract information:.

But Kinana a human have his alternate hand and foot cut off for prostitution, pimping, or racism? Hooker Ljubljana Escorts | zvezdunov-show.ru Because most of these animals Prostitutes stolen pets or Yulin grabbed off the street, dog meat traders do not have the Prostitutes paperwork or produce 'fraudulent documents' instead, HSI claims.|

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Kinana agree with your opinion. May be worsened the situation.

And when they asked for water, no water was given them till they died. Even though this article replies to Muslim polemics on Muhammad's inconsistent views on poets, it still has a solid discussion on the reliability of non-hadith sources like Ibn Ishaq the biographer. Then he writes this about western law: Lest some of these penalties may appear barbarous to some hypersensitive Western reader, let him cast a glance on drawing and quartering: a penalty of the English criminal code maintained as late as the eighteenth century, inflicted on those found guilty of high treason against the King or government.

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  1. But why would such a command come down from on high, since the trade generated a lot of money and satiated male sexual lust for women? Originally published at Answering Islam. Sometimes Muslim polemicists point out the wars in the Old Testament and the severe commands of God.
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